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We have simple hand magnifiers

£3.50 small ( 2" 2.5x mag with 5x side lens)

£4.50 medium (2.5" 2x mag with 4x side lens)

£5.50 large (3" 2x mag with 4x side lens)

Hand held magnifiers

Illuminated magnifiers

£7.50 small (1.25" 2x square magnifier)

£8.50 medium (1.5" 2x square magnifier)

£9.50 medium large (1.75" 2x square magnifier)

£10.50 large (2" 2x square magnifier)

Illuminated magnifier
Pocket magnifiers £3.75
Pocket magnifier£4.00 Illuminated pocket magnifierLED Magnifier £5.00


Specialised magnifiers.


Illuminated high magnificationContact the store for detailsDesk top magnifier£12.00

Electronic magnifiers

These are plugged in to either a television or computer screen via Scart or USB.
The magnification achieved depends on the size of your screen.
The image is startlingly clear and there are black and white and colour versions available.

The black and white TV form is £99 and the Colour version is £139

There is also a new hand held portable magnifier called the 'Maggie'. I have one in the practice to try.

Bierley Magnifier

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