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Lens technology is changing all the time and never faster than now. Computer designed and generated lenses now allow us to see more clearly than ever before by reducing distortion created by conventional techniques of lens manufacture.
This means that we can correct your vision with a wide range of materials including the thinnest available plastic and glass lenses giving clearer vision than that which has been available before in thinner more comfortable lenses.

Lens coatings have improved as well. They are added to improve the performance of the lens. There are anti-reflection coatings, UV blocking coatings, anti-scratch coatings and of course tinted lenses.

Our Scotch Guard coating gives a superior anti-reflection property along with an easy clean anti-static scratch resistance which we guarantee for 2 years.


The tinted ranges now contain tints that are specific to the task required such as sport tints and driving tints as well as the most advanced Transition VI photochromatic tints.


Essilor Comfort. The most widely prescribed lens in the world

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