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Contact Lenses
We fit and dispense daily, two weekly, monthly and gas permeable contact lenses

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We only use lenses from what I believe to be the leading contact lens manufacturers involved in the forefront of ocular health research. I only dispense the best materials and designs that provide the healthiest, most comfortable wearing experience for your eyes.

For charges for contact lenses see below.

Contact lenses form the fastest growing part of our business at eye deal opticians. This is because new designs and materials mean almost all prescriptions can now be corrected with contact lenses.

Coming soon a no compromise daily contact lens from Coopervision

No single design and no single material fit every eye so I use the best designs and best materials from four of the biggest manufacturers of lenses in the world. All four companies have extensive experience and are constantly pushing the frontiers of visual excellence, eye health and patient comfort.



Below are the Contact Lens prices for 2015. The 'no care' price is without any contact lens appointment checks built in. To keep buying lenses under this price a valid prescription and Contact lens specification is required which must be renewed each year. This costs £60. If you buy under the 'Care price', all checks and specifications are included and you are entitled to 2 spare lenses a year and 20% discount off any spectacles, sunglasses or accessories.

Solutions cost £9 for a 3 month supply when bought with lenses on the care plan; stand alone or 'no care' price is £19.99 for 3 months supply.




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