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Dry Eye Assessments for FREE

Do you suffer from dry, gritty, itching or burning eyes? Do you get tired or red eyes or suffer from excessive watering at times and variable vision? You may well be suffering from dry eyes.

With our increasingly ageing population, increasing use of computers and increased popularity of air conditioning in cars and work places, dry eye disease has become the most common eye condition requiring treatment seen in our practice.

Fortunately the uncomfortable symptoms and visual disturbance caused by dry eyes can be treated successfully on a long term basis.


Meibomium Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is a major cause of dry eyes. This causes reduced lipid or oil production in the tear film causing evaporation and dry patches on the eyes.

We provide a thorough dry eye assessment involving lid, tear film and tear volume examination. The assessment can take up to twenty minutes but with the results we can provide you with a written plan of action giving, in most cases, long term relief of symptoms and removal of damage caused by dry eyes.

We can supply any drops you may require and any other therapies including the revolutionary Eye Bag which has given almost immediate comfort to people who have suffered for years with dry eyes associated with MGD.


Also we will give you advice on a whole range of other actions you can take to manage your condition

One further thing to mention is that there may be no charge as the £45 assessment fee is paid for by the East Riding Primary Care Trust if you are registered with an East Riding General Practitioner!

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