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Glaucoma Screening

We provide extensive glaucoma screening for at risk groups involving pressure testing (tonometry), visual fields, digital disc assessment, gonioscopy and later this year pachymetry.

What does all this mean?!

Our equipment looks for early, very subtle signs of glaucoma before it has any significant effect on your vision. This is important as you would be otherwise unaware of having the disease yourself until it had progressed to a sight threatening level.



The 'puff of air' test has been replaced by a more reliable and more comfortable procedure. Out are the sudden blasts of air making you jump (and in some cases dread having), In is a light touch reading which in most cases you are not aware of. This is the I-Care tonometer, fast, reliable, accurate and comfortable.


The pressure reading is only part of the story though. Examining your optic disc in three dimensions and with digital imaging allow subtle changes to be detected over many visits over a long period of time.

glaucomatous discThe optic disc of someone with glaucoma who we monitor annually for change.
Our other instrument is the Visual Field Analyser..



The field analyser shows whether there is any loss of light sensitivity in the peripheral vision, an early sign of glaucoma.

We also add to the glaucoma picture with careful analysis of the front chamber of the eye by gonioscopy and slit lamp examination.

Later this year I am planning to invest in yet more technology called a Pachymeter which is an instrument which makes simple pressure testing far more accurate reducing unneccessary hospital referrals.

The at risk groups are those with relatives with glaucoma, the elderly, people of Western African and Afro Caribbean origin and people taking certain medicine such as steroids.

If you are in doubt, contact the store direct on 01405 767705 or use the contact us form for advice.

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